Project Overview

Overview / Scope
To build out an application which enables manufacturer’s to enroll in UL’s Evaluated program and to enable retailers, like Amazon, subscribe to view approved manufacturers.
Process Flows
This is a new offering to our clients and a new subscription to retailers. The following processes are being scoped as it relates to the web-tool application noted on the diagrams.

  • Manufacturer Enrollment/Qualification Process
  • Manufacturer’s Monthly Review Process
  • On-site Surveillance Process
  • Search/View Active Manufacturers (Public Access)
  • Update Status of Manufacturer (after Enrollment Process Completed)
  • Admin – Delete
  • Billing –
  • Adobe Photoshop (Design)
  • Axure (Wireframes)
  • Sketch (Prototype)
  • This initial phase will introduce a minimally viable solution.
  • Only required integrations with other applications will be considered.
  • Integrations will only be to the 14 core applications recognized by UL.
  • All change management activities including training and communications to clients will be completed by the business.
  • All coordination and approval from Legal will be the responsibility of the business
  • The development of the application will be within the current guidelines from the Customer Experience team.
  • The ability to export all defined attributes (enables a MVP solution for initial reporting requirements)
  • Any data elements received from a source of truth system will not be editable in the application.
Below are high level diagrams of the various steps involved to with the above processes.


A UL Manufacturer who is interested in being part of the Evaluated program will need to go through a process to enroll and qualify.

Information Architecture.

Benefits of Participating in the UL Evaluated Manufacturers Program
Regulatory environments in many countries continue to evolve. With increasing consumer protections, manufacturers and retailers continue to scramble to meet complex regulatory and supply chain needs.

For Manufacturers:

  • Cost effective:
    • Provides manufacturers and suppliers with a very cost-effective tool to promote good manufacturing and design of their products.
  • Reach new customers and markets
    • Participation promotes visibility in the global supply chain and retail community.
    • Showcases manufacturer as a producer of UL certified products with a good compliance and process control history
    • May facilitate approval in strategic retailers programs
  • Integrated Evaluations:
    • Leverages current factory visits to include review of process controls and or other critical to quality and safety


What We Delivered

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