Step 1

The Challenge.

This tool will be used by employees to explore ways they can further develop into their career.

Project Started on June 30th

  • June 30–July 5 | Initial Creation
  • July 6 | First Round of Edits
  • July 8 | Second Round of Edits
  • July 11 | Final tweaks
  • July 12 | Final Design Due to client
Step 2

What Needs to Be Included.

I was tasked to showcase 1 example of a role, 1 competency they can develop, and 70/20/10 pages.

Looking at approx. 4-5 pages depending on the creative output I can come up with.

We anticipate creating around 80-100 jobs completely built out with different competencies for each, and separate 70/20/10 pages customized for the role.

Step 3

The Solution.

By quickly mocking up wires in illustrator/powerpoint, I was able to get started on the high fidelity designs using photoshop and Sketch.

I’d use bootstrap to run the css/html and hand over the code to the Red Bull programming team. Project could definitely be complete by the coming new year, months ahead of schedule this way!