My Role
  • Conceptual ideation
  • Art direction
  • Front end development
  • Graphic design
Software Used
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Sublime Text
  • Google Chrome Inspector (Dev tools)
  • Adobe Illustrator (Horz Logo Creation)

Non-Profit Cat Cafe Rescue and Lounge

The Catcade is the first of it’s kind here in the US. Chris and Shelley traveled the world and gathered research on what it takes to run a cat cafe / rescue and lounge.

We wanted an innovative creative style to match TheCatcade (Chris’) creative vision with this company. A cat rescue with a video game (arcade) feel.

Mic Seaton developed a fun creative feel for a website, where you can sign in, take time out of your busy schedules to go in have fun w/ cats, and play some arcade and pinball games. Perfect break from the crazy world we live in. Streamline appointment system, easy communication, and e-commerce capabilities to support your local cat rescue/video game lounge!

Color & material

Bringing Charity and Play Together!

Chris and Sherry’s love of all things 80’s arcade really was a big part of the design of the website.

My idea was to bring in the arcade atmosphere; lights, neons, and merge that w/ the playfulness of cats, and voila, we have the perfect environment.

People can come in and play w/ all the cats, while the love of 80’s arcades fill the room both visually and audibly.

Catcade Black


Catcade Gray


Catcade Pink


What We Delivered

Project Stats


Over 200 cats have been adopted since opening of The


+ Hours of sweat and tears in putting this together


Happy Customers after leaving with their new family member