Designing A Website With Responsiveness & Mobility In Mind.

PeopleScout leads the industry in recruitment process outsourcing (RPO). But its outdated website made it look like it wasn’t keeping up with its competitors. It needed a strongly branded, high-quality website so that its online presence could reflect its offline excellence.

The Challenge

PeopleScout’s website required an update for easier navigation and up-to-date functionality. It couldn’t lag behind competitors in website quality. Some visitors to the site weren’t sure what RPO was or how it could help their business, so PeopleScout needed clear and engaging information to educate customers on RPO. It also needed a way to stand out from other RPO providers and reflect its uniqueness as a company. And the site itself had to be easy to update, so that PeopleScout could more quickly make changes to serve its customers’ needs.

Corporate Product Explainer video from Mic Seaton on Vimeo.

The Solution

Mic approached the PeopleScout website by asking a simple question: what are customers expecting when they visit PeopleScout’s website? With that in mind, they overhauled the site, including the following changes:

  •  An approachable, modern design with a clearer path to information and more intuitive navigation
  •  Strong branding of every page with the corporate colors, logo, and communication themes
  •  An engaging educational video, produced by Boomm, which answered two common customer questions: “What is RPO?” and “Why should my company use RPO?
  •  Graphical step-by-step representations of the RPO process that provided the customer with key information about PeopleScout’s wor
  •  Improved SEO and lead generation capabilities to ensure a competitive digital positio
  •  High-quality and informative content that matched the high quality of their work in RP
  •  Natural photography and an emphasis on PeopleScout’s unique work environment to help the website stand out from its competitio
  •  A dynamic, responsive website platform for easier editing and updatin

With a strong, informative website that represents its thought leadership and excellence in the field of RPO, PeopleScout now has an optimized online presence for generating leads and growing its business.

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