Connecting Suppliers and Buyers to Quality Products


I was UX/UI design lead on this project and I was tasked to create a portal for suppliers and buyers to find quality products.

The easiest way to do so was to put a search box that would auto-populate the qualified products, buyers and suppliers as you started to type in the search field.

My designs were then converted to html/css and used in CoffeeScript (node.js) to be used in Ruby on Rails framework.

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Role: UX/UI Design Lead, Front End Developer

What is the Supplier Excellence Program?

Protecting brand value in a complex, interconnected business world is a challenge. To manage risk more effectively buyers require a reliable way to identify trusted suppliers. UL’s Supplier Excellence Program enables suppliers to showcase their ability to deliver safe, quality products.

Build Trust with UL's Supplier Excellence Program

A track record of excellence validated by an independent third party gives buyers confidence in their decision making. UL’s Supplier Excellence Program provides suppliers with a cost-effective way to promote their business. Participation enhances visibility in the global supply chain and retail community, and may facilitate approval in preferred partner programs by strategic retailers.

The Benefits of Working with UL

UL Supplier assessments are conducted in-person and on-site by highly skilled engineers with management systems expertise. In contrast, our competitors simply evaluate provided information at their desks. The accuracy and quality of UL supplier assessments are clear to buyers. When you work with UL, you gain an endorsement that buyers trust. Why settle for second-best?

Bringing Charity and Play Together!

Chris and Sherry’s love of all things 80’s arcade really was a big part of the design of the website.

My idea was to bring in the arcade atmosphere; lights, neons, and merge that w/ the playfulness of cats, and voila, we have the perfect environment.

People can come in and play w/ all the cats, while the love of 80’s arcades fill the room both visually and audibly.


My Role

  • Conceptual ideation
  • UX Design
  • Art direction
  • Front end development

Software Used

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Sublime Text
  • Axure Wireframing

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